Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What is up with the Hair?

The most common question about C... Person looks at me - pauses - looks at my husband - pauses - and looks back at C - "Where'd the red hair come from?"

I get this question more than once a week. The short answer - my husband's beard. He has brown hair but his beard comes in with auburn tones.

The long answer? She is my Scots-Irish Appalachia baby. Both mine and my husband's families come from Appalachian mountain regions.
My grandmother has shared our family tree information with me a few times. I love learning about our family history. We were based around Franklin, NC. My great-grandmother had C's exact hair (and it was gorgeous) - beautiful auburn ringlets. My husband's family (both Mom and Dad's families) came from the West Virginia area. Quite honestly, I am surprised she wasn't born playing a dulcimer - ha... She does play the harmonica while I run (super funny).

Running Log
Miles Today: 5
Felt: Hot yet refreshing :)
Weekly Goal Progress: 12.5/20

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  1. 5 miles!? you go girl! Caroline is lucky to have that pretty hair:) You have great hair too though...so I think she "get it from her Momma"...lol