Sunday, June 17, 2012

No jogging stroller????

Today I went running without toting (literally) another person for the first time in over two years (totally including pregnancy). Wow!!! So flipping easy. I felt like I was cheating. However, the easiness was not worth the missed companionship :). I totally intend to keep running with my little girl as long as she is willing to tag along. Runs have turned into a peaceful retreat. Run time is an hour a day when I get to disconnect from everyone except C. With my crazy, busy life they are absolutely necessary. I am so grateful for every minute with my energetic, silly, chatterbox of a little girl :)

I previously had ad 2 blogs - a personal and a running. I have decided to just start my running notes on this blog to make things a little more simple :)

Running notes
Miles today: 4.0
Felt: awesome (even if it was like 1000 degrees)
Next week's goal: 20 miles

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  1. I'm so excited!! I didn't know you were blogging:) And I have got to take some of your running motivation to heart:)